Warm Blessings Soup Kitchen 


When HEMMAG heard that Warm Blessings Soup Kitchen was gearing up for their annual Cardboard Nation which is held the third (3rd) Friday of September, we decided to get in touch and informed! I ran into John Thomsett, Warm Blessings Executive Board Member, attending an event at a local elementary school open house. After an interesting and informative convo he suggested I contact Linda Funk, Warm Blessings Executive Director.

So we did and what we discovered during a lengthy phone interview with Linda was that Warm Blessings far surpasses just providing FREE hot meals to people in need! As if that wasn’t enough!? They are a non-profit which receives no state or federal funding. All of the meals and services they are able to provide exist through donation, fundraisers and volunteers. When I asked Linda how they can possibly sustain themselves, she eloquently replied, “Warm Blessings belongs to the people of Hardin County, without this generous community and contributions annually from faithful contributions from regular donors, Warm Blessings would definitely struggle.” We here at HEMMAG felt compelled to do our part so we offered to volunteer in hopes to not only contribute and give back to our community but to get an actual hands-on experience of what these selfless, caring, remarkable volunteers witness each time they walk through the doors. On Aug, 17th with my 10 year old and photographer in tow, we did just that! Of course I parked in the wrong area and tried to enter through the wrong door, but I was still greeted warmly and welcomed in said “wrong” door. As we entered, I noticed a table surrounded by a group of ladies of which I would later find out are the “Golden Girls”, who practically come every weeknight. While we were there we had the opportunity to meet many of the volunteers as well as talk to some of the patrons. We arrived a little before 5pm, just in time to observe a barrage of volunteer drivers line up, bags in hand. Thanks to Paula Tymitz, Senior Meal Delivery Coordinator, the entire process flowed in efficient, streamlined harmony as they made their way to pick up the packaged meals that were to be delivered to 42 seniors who are either housebound or too frail or ill to make it out. Can you believe that? ~ in addition to the soup kitchen they also offer FREE meals and delivery. But for us the most rewarding and profound moment was actually standing there and serving food to each and every person who came through the line. With huge smiles on their faces and genuine gratefulness in their hearts, it was a truly amazing and heartwarming occasion for us to be a part of. As the patrons began to take their seats and trays to the tables, myself and another volunteer were asked to hand out additional food which created a jovial and excited crowd of folks. There were loaves of bread, bags of popcorn and to their delight mini muffins in a variety of flavors. 

We weren’t the only first timers, we worked alongside 6 incredible women who came as representation for their church, South Fork Baptist Church in Hodgenville, KY

Warm Blessings was originally incorporated in 2005, on July 17, 2006 they started serving their first meals 3 nights a week @ College Heights United Methodist Church. The Kitchen moved, in 2009, to the current location after renovating the old Party Plus store @ 609 E. Dixie Ave in Elizabethtown, KY. Warm Blessings, is the only soup kitchen serving hot meals every weeknight (M-F) @ 5:30 and specific Saturday and Sundays, in Hardin County, KY. Below is a list of other services:


  • Washer and dryer for laundry 2p-5p M-F

  • Hot showers and bathroom facilities 2p-5p and 6:15p-7p M-F

  • Food bags to people in crisis

  • Routines distribution of personal items (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper etc.) donated coats, blankets, sleep bags and clothes.

  • HMH Mobile Health Unit monthly. BP checks, mini physicals, and health lecture

  • Van pick up for those who are unable to make it to the soup kitchen

  • Limited assistance for homeless or people needing shelter

  • Weekly tutoring for reading and math

  • Free haircuts 1 to 2 times each month

  • Site for 1st and 3rd Sunday meal and 1st, 2nd and 4th Saturday meal.

  • Day Warming Shelter during December, January and February and afternoon  Relief Center other months for those with nowhere else to go.


To learn more about how you can volunteer, participate in the Cardboard Nation event or donate visit them @ warmblessingsinc.com