As I hurriedly whipped into the Magnolia Farms subdivision, I immediately braked – to the surprise of my passenger and photographer Lemon, taking in the true beauty and splendor of my surroundings. Realizing that in my haste I almost missed the lovely setting of fountains bursting from peaceful cattail lined ponds, emitting a soft mist in the breeze. The perfectly manicured grounds encompassing the stately homes I’d only half consciously glimpsed in my peripheral as I’ve sped by on numerous occasions. But today, I crept amidst this scene, wide-eyed, taking it all in.

I was headed to 136 Low Country Court in Elizabethtown for a photo shoot and short interview with Realtor Janet Perkins and homeowner Reilly McCluskey for this feature story.  Admittedly I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement as I pulled up in front of this sprawling all brick and stone façade work of art. I was greeted by Janet, beautiful as always and forever the seasoned realtor, gracefully positioning a yard sign in the ground using a back and forth rocking motion, which she explained helped drive the sharp stakes into the hardened, dehydrated ground. After making quick work of that, we headed across the lawn, my fab photographer in tow to the front door.

We were startled by a beautiful lady fashionably dressed in a blue linen off the shoulder boutique style dress! – She later revealed she’d gotten it from the Swanky Shoppe- Her hair was pulled up in a coif bun adorned with a delicious double linked, gold braided headband! But what stood out to me most above her outfit, bouncy, energetic personality and intoxicating home was her enigmatic smile and eyelashes for days! All feelings of nervousness dissipated instantly and I was fondly introduced to Reilly McCluskey!

Janet Perkins, with The Janet Team for Remax Executive Group, Inc., is a realtor, Team Leader and one amazing woman who I’ve had the honor and pleasure of knowing for many years! She was dressed to impress in a sleek, voguish red dress with white polka dots and my fave, peak-a-boo sleeves, and as I expected ready to get down to business! We let the photographer and her assistant set up their equipment as we tried to stay out of the way, giving me a chance to receive the grand tour of this enormous 4,896 sq. ft. masterpiece built by none other than Chuck Foushee! Every inch designed with exquisite detail from the gorgeous hardwood floors to the intricately coffered ceilings. We started in the great room, my eyes were immediately drawn to the all-stone fireplace that ascended to the ceiling, every stone meticulously placed. And the ceiling is like nothing I’d ever seen before in person, the intricacy of the coffered design was jaw-dropping! This 6 bedroom, 3.5 bath wonder, houses the most amazing home automation Matrix system along with top of the line appliances in this warm, inviting custom kitchen with a crisp, clean modern edge boasting 3D tile backsplash, “This dream kitchen is a collaboration with Reilly and main designer/kitchen designer Bernie Smith with BCS cabinets in Louisville” Janet adds, a home theater room, an ornate catwalk overlooking the sensational great room, all the granite and tile in the kitchen and baths are truly the jewelry of this fantastic show place thanks to flooring and tile wizard Tony McPeek with Corvin’s Flooring and Moe at Stonework’s….   I mean I could literally go on forever! (See gallery photos)

After my tour of this finely crafted masterpiece that spared no expense Janet, Reilly and I were finally able to sit down at the gleaming, granite bar in the kitchen which was a real treat as you can take in all of the eye candy this open floor plan has to offer.

I knew there was more to their undeniable chemistry and genuine friendship so I started by asking them how they met, “Reilly’s parents live in my neighborhood where I live now and I watched Reilly grow up. Her parents still live in that neighborhood and Reilly wanted a neighborhood like her neighborhood growing up, they all grew up together and are still friends and visit each other’s families during the holidays. Reilly wanted that kind of experience for her daughter.” Janet explained. Reilly decided on Magnolia Farms for that very reason. While touring Parade of Homes Reilly and her husband met up with Janet. They decided that this was the neighborhood for them, fell in love with the 2.15 acre lot and chose to work with Janet to represent and negotiate the deal for the lot and then partnered with builder Chuck Foushee to create this magnificent super smart dream home! Reilly’s husband being an IT genius decided to design their home with an innovative home automation Matrix system which literally controls the functionality of the home with what looks like a TV remote. But don’t be dismayed if you’re no high tech engineer, Janet assured me that this one remote can turn on/dim lights in any room you choose without even being in the room, you can turn on ceiling fans or the fireplace. Janet added with a chuckle. “It’s wild, I told Reilly, I’m a simple creature, I just need to know which button is ALL on or ALL off”.

If you are looking for a realtor to buy or sell a home Janet Perkins eats, sleeps and breaths with an undying love and passion for what she does! I love her slogan “JUST CALL JANET”, such a simplistic phrase, but if you really want to sell your home, I’d just call Janet!